03. Capitalization

Lymcoin Market Value

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  • Crowdfunding Projects / Platforms
  • Venture Capital
  • Cross-border Transactions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Private Placement
  • Angel Investing
  • International Property Transactions
  • REITs
  • Real Estate Mutual Funds
  • Charitable / Cause-Based Capital Raises
  • Fractional Real estate Investing
  • Start-Up Opportunities
  1. Low Transaction Fees (As low as 1% all-in)
  2. Simplified Global Payments
  3. Eliminates Crypto Price Volatility Risk
  4. Settle in local currency directly to your bank account via domestic ACH (not a wire)
  5. Settle in Crypto
  6. E-Commerce- (Direct API or shopping cart plug in options)
  7. Invoice your client with secure payment link
  8. No Chargeback Exposure
  9. No Risk of Fraud
  10. Domestic Customer Support

Our Mission is to provide merchants worldwide with the ability to accept cost effective cryptocurrency payments easily and safely. In addition to providing state of the art crypto payment options through technologically innovative services, Vivix.io will strive to deliver the best United States based customer service and support to our valued merchants.

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