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Get Instant Bitcoin Payments with The Lightning Network

  • Bitcoin payments on the Lightning Network settle instantly.
  • At an average of 1 Satoshi (a fraction of a cent) per transaction, The Lightning Network is essentially free for your customers.
  • Small transactions are no problem. Accept payments as small as one Satoshi.
  • Unapparelled security. Benefit from the same security as on-chain plus increased privacy.
  • Universal access and wallet agnostic. In other words, it works everywhere with every wallet.


What Exactly is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a decentralized network that uses smart contract functionality to enable near-instant payments. The lightning network is a second layer protocol built on top of the Bitcoin network which means that although the lightning network is built separately, it can still interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. It allows transactions in the network to scale while keeping the security and decentralization of the Bitcoin network.

Our Mission is to provide merchants worldwide with the ability to accept cost effective cryptocurrency payments easily and safely. In addition to providing state of the art crypto payment options through technologically innovative services, Vivix.io will strive to deliver the best United States based customer service and support to our valued merchants.

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